Creating a blur effect with rinzelight.

After releasing rinzelight 0.0.3, I wondered how hard addinga blur effect would be. So I started implementing it. We are going to do two 1D blur. In first place, open a repl and start emacs (or vim). Use rinzelight.image for reading northern-lights.jpg First, let’s start creating a blur-kernel function with two parameters, width and sigma. … Read more Creating a blur effect with rinzelight.

Introducing rinzelight 0.0.2

I started writing rinzelight long time ago. Exactly, I started on February. Sadly, since I wasn’t getting a few points about Clojure, I stopped working on it twenty days after for half a year. But do not let me digress. Rinzelight is finally released! Actually, rinzelight 0.0.2 is released! But let me introduce you to … Read more Introducing rinzelight 0.0.2