The Essential Guide to HTML5: a review

After reading this book I have some encountered feelings about it: on the one hand the content is correct, everything I tested worked fine, etc but on the other hand I really find annoying the form it is presented.

When I started reading, I expected to find more about CSS3 (a topic almost not covered in the book) and less Javascript, but since this is only an expectation, I’ll try my best so it doesn’t affect this review.

Since I wrote before, the content is correct. Covers a huge part of the new apis, the examples usedare not too complex yet interesting and it is not hard to follow. Without any doubt, the form code snippets are displayed. The code is displayed in a two-column table (one for code, one for comments) and each line (each line!) is commented. Seriously, I’ve seen the <html> line commented!

And even if the content is good, the table issue makes it really hard to read if you are a medium-experienced programmer. These are my encountered feelings: good content, not that good layout.

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