Do you wanna help us with pure-Java Nokogiri?

First things first, if you wanna help, you’ll need to clone the git repo. Just:

git clone git://
cd nokogiri
git checkout --track -b java origin/java

Install the dependencies. Just:

rake install:deps

Because it uses some native libraries, you’ll need to do that with MRI. Finally, you’ll need to generate some files, just run jruby -S rake java:spec. For having a hprof file, you’ll need to run this script with the following command:

jr -J-Xmx32m -J-XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError nokogiri_doc_frag.rb

-J-Xmx32m limits the heap space to 32 Mb, and the other options makes the JVM to write a hprof file when a OutOfMemoryError is thrown. After that, you can inspect that file with the profiler you can find in NetBeans.

In next post, I’ll comment where I think the problem is.

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