Status Update: RMagick4J, Nokogiri, ruby2java and a possible MagickWand4J

It’s been long time since last status update, but there are some things to tell, so here I am.

Thankfully, this year I’m a GSoC student again (and my mentor is Tom too). The main part of my project would be porting Nokogiri to JRuby, so I haven’t code for RMagick for a while now.

Let’s start with the status update then.


I’ve been working on Nokogiri for a while. I forked Charles’ repo in Github, and I’ve implemented some cool features. For example, today I got my XML::Reader implementation to pass all tests in test_reader.rb. I hope I’ll be able to make a release this month (cross your fingers).

On the other hand, I got my first patch accepted in Nokogiri’s main repo.


Not to much work done here, sorry. I haven’t code anything for a while now. Migrating from mercurial to git is already planned, but before that I would like to do a few commits more. Anyway, I’m quite happy with this project. Some people are using it and reporting bugs (in the end, those little things are all that matters). What else can I ask for?

Please, if you find a bug, report it here.


Tim Hunter (creator of RMagick) released MagickWand recently. I’ve been considering porting it to JRuby too. I have to take a deeper look at the C code, but, by now, I think it could be a good way to lead RMagick4J development. If finally I port it, I will split RMagick4J in two projects (Magick4J and RMagick4J). This way, MagickWand4J and RMagick4J would share the same java codebase, as MagickWand and RMagick share ImageMagick.


Take a look here. Awesome, isn’t it? And as soon as I have some time to work on it, siesta will be out too…

P.D. By the way, no more personal stuff in this blog. That stuff is now here, and only in Spanish (sorry about that).

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