RMagick4J: Status Update 15/03/09

This week I’ve been fixing some bugs, adding some minor effects and adding wave effect.
In order to add wave effect I’ve had to read a lot of ImageMagick code. Lucky me, there was an if that made all too much simpler. Unlucky me, I didn’t realize until the third reading-code day.
Anyway, after sweating blood, here you are the images:

RMagick RMagick4J
JRuby logo JRuby logo
charcoal 0.75
charcoal RMI charcoal JRuby
negate RMI negate JRuby
normalize RMI normalize JRuby
blur_image 2
blur RMI blur JRuby
wave RMI wave JRuby

2 thoughts on “RMagick4J: Status Update 15/03/09

  1. The only weakness of JRuby is image manipulation and you are going to resolve it !
    Thanks Serabe !

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