Dead Like Me: Life After Death

I remember this TV show fondly. It was the last TV show I got up early (I mean, befor 13:00) only to watch it with my family. It was all about a girl who died in the pilot when a toilet crashed into her. Then, Georgia (the only girl I know had died because a toilet crashed into her) became a grim reaper, her work was to reap souls of time-to-go people. Furthermore, she was in the External Influence Division (accidents, nature disasters and others).
Later in the story we knew about the gravelings, a beings that cause deathly accidents. They are suppose to be invincible (spoiler, spoiler, spoiler) in the second season’s finale Georgia reaped a graveling, and it turned to dust (you can read now safely).

So, this week I read a film about Dead Like Me was released and few hours ago, I finally saw it. No Rube (Mandy Patinkin, the ‘I’m Iñigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to die.’ guy), no original Daisy, no Der Waffel Haus (it is even burned to dust!), suddenly the George’s other face is not hard to look at. Ok, I can stand it. Maybe I can even enjoy it (no, I’m not kidding). But not graveling reaping? But not (the same spoiler comes again) graveling reaping? OMG! It was the cliffhanger of the second season!(you can read the rest of the post) And lostie Desmond instead of Rube!

Anyway, the film is watchable. It is not like Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (I’m still considering killing every people involved in that crime against humanity).

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