Why I do not like MacOS anymore.

I’m writing this in my new Acer Aspire One over my MacBook. The MacBook has dual boot (Ubuntu Linux and Leopard) and I have not used MacOS for almost one month, except for synchronizing my iPod Touch.
Yeap. I do not like MacOS anymore. Why should I be content with the sugar-free-UNIX MacOS when I can enjoy the double-caramel-UNIX Linux?

For example, the first time I wanted to install MySQL in Leopard, my only choice was to download the tarball for Tiger, apply a home-made patch, compile and pray for it to work. That time, I thought “it’s ok, it’s just a bit annoying, but it’s not a big deal”. But then I wanted to install LaTeX. Cool, the only option I found was to install a package manager that was already deprecated when I used Tiger! “Ok”, I thought, “It’s still a UNIX. It’s great. You still have the tab completion”. But, oh! The tab completion was even better in Linux.

And that’s the story. I can survive patching and compiling MySQL (for a effing hour), using deprecated software to install LaTeX. But when I tasted again the actual tab completion, I had to come back to Linux as Enrique Dans comes back to T4.

So, brothers-in-linux, please, forgive me.

P.S. I think the post “Why I Hate Apple, Why I Switched Back” can be inspiring.

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