New RMagick4J release.

RMagick aims to implement the ImageMagick funcionality and the C portions of RMagick for make it works in JRuby.

Current stable version: 0.3.5
Project URL:
Installation: gem install rmagick4j

Google Summer of Code project should be thanked for making this new release possible.

In release 0.3.5 the following improvements have been made:

  • Implemented Draw primitives (affice, arc, pattern, path).
  • Improved Image and ImageList:
  • Implemented more of Pixel (from_HSL, to_HSL, <=>, fcmp, intensity).
  • Implemented the fill classes.
  • Added a side-by-side (MRI vs JRuby) image testing tool named Bullseye.
  • Added 680 color names. It can search, but not retrieve the name correctly capitalized.
  • Changed gem name from RMagick4J to rmagick4j.

This version should allow Gruff Graphs and Ruports to largely work without issues. Please try out your applications with rmagick4j and help us provide feedback. It is our goal to make a fully-compatible implementation of RMagick4j in JRuby.

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