Google, you are not doing it right.

Today, I woke up with a quite sad and disgusting new. Google doesn’t let ADPs (Android Developer Phones) see and download neither copy-protected nor paid apps. Why? Because Google protects the apps using a simple method: “Let’s put the apps in a folder the user cannot see”. But there is the problem, ADP’s users can see every folder, and can copy from and to them. I don’t know who the security guys are but avoiding developers to use that kind of apps is not the solution. If hiding the folder is the new super-safe state-of-the-art piracy-avoiding technique let me say that it sucks. This kind of decisions makes me wonder what’s the actual reason the apps cannot be installed in the sd card. Maybe because it is harder to hide a folder there?

Why I do not like MacOS anymore.

I’m writing this in my new Acer Aspire One over my MacBook. The MacBook has dual boot (Ubuntu Linux and Leopard) and I have not used MacOS for almost one month, except for synchronizing my iPod Touch.
Yeap. I do not like MacOS anymore. Why should I be content with the sugar-free-UNIX MacOS when I can enjoy the double-caramel-UNIX Linux?

For example, the first time I wanted to install MySQL in Leopard, my only choice was to download the tarball for Tiger, apply a home-made patch, compile and pray for it to work. That time, I thought “it’s ok, it’s just a bit annoying, but it’s not a big deal”. But then I wanted to install LaTeX. Cool, the only option I found was to install a package manager that was already deprecated when I used Tiger! “Ok”, I thought, “It’s still a UNIX. It’s great. You still have the tab completion”. But, oh! The tab completion was even better in Linux.

And that’s the story. I can survive patching and compiling MySQL (for a effing hour), using deprecated software to install LaTeX. But when I tasted again the actual tab completion, I had to come back to Linux as Enrique Dans comes back to T4.

So, brothers-in-linux, please, forgive me.

P.S. I think the post “Why I Hate Apple, Why I Switched Back” can be inspiring.

Ay, Serabe, que no haces nada ni tan siquiera regular.

Hoy me he tirado unas cuatro horas para encontrar un bug, uno de estos puñeteros bichos que te atrapan y te dejan cosas como estas:
The Picture of the day
Para que os hagáis una idea, tenía que ser esto:

Como se puede apreciar, son sensiblemente diferentes. Así que cuatro horas de mi vida han transformado lo primero, en lo segundo.

El problema venía en que, tal y como Tom (mi mentor del GSoC) propuso, se ha cambiado la clase PixelPacket de forma que ahora trabaja con enteros. El problema, mejor no os lo cuento que es más aburrido que lo anterior.

En fin, que hoy me voy a la cama con un ego más grande que el de Enrique Dans.

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