It’s all about expectations.

Two days ago, I was talking about Susan Boyle with a friend. I do not like her, my friend didn’t even know who she is. I told her about Susan, she has a good voice (not a great one) and she can sing pretty well. The only difference is that she is quite ugly (in Spanish I would say that she is uglier than hitting your own father with a sweaty sock). Her answer was pretty simple: It’s all about expectations.

She said that by looking at her, my expectations were low, so when she sang even with a good-but-not-extraordinary-as-they-want-us-to-believe voice.

Other way of making things look better is the Bluetooth-Cooper theorem (“Averything is better with bluetooth”), in this case, with the Jackson-Vader corollary:

Marco Hietala reached Diva level 6.

Confirmed, Marco Hietala reached Diva level 6 after a careful evaluation of the song Amaranth sung completely by him.
Nightwish en Chile
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lu ♥
Fans worlwide are waiting for his hug-and-letter to leave the band. Nevertheless, his current divaness level is higher than Tarja’s.

I kissed…

Katy Perry is a singer-songwriter who wrote “I kissed a girl”

Katy says in the song “I kissed a girl and I liked it […] I hope my boyfriend don’t mind it”. Katy, honey, I am sure your boyfriend do not mind it but, please, the next time, let him watch (or even join you both).

Anyway, I’m not here for talking about Katy, her lesbian kiss nor his boyfriend. I’m here because of this song. The first step is to change girl/boy. This way, you get “I kissed a boy”

Ok, it is a parody, but, IMHO, it’s a poor one. I prefer Rick Reigns’:

“I knew it was wrong but it felt so right to know I was messing up your night” is a great sentence I hope not to hear in my life…

Una de vídeos.

Una pequeña recopilación de vídeos, ya sean divertidos o curiosos, pero siempre relacionados con la música.

Empecemos por Azerbayán y su debut en Eurovisión. Elnur y Samir se baten como ángel y demonio en Day after Day:

Seguimos con una versión del Chiki chiki, el Cthulhu Cthulu:

Dejando Eurovision atrás, tenemos el Burger Dance:

Para teminar, unos hippilongos alemanes, Sigur Rós y su Gobbledigook: